Ticat Donut back at Tim Hortons

mmmmm, it’s a donut. Ticat donut, can’t get nothin’ like it!

Back due to popular demand, the Ticat donut returns to Tim Horton’s stores in and around the Hamilton area. Backing off the success of the 2010 season.

Ticat Donut

Hamilton Tiger-Cats donut from Tim Hortons

Not much has changed, as the donut returns in it’s classic form from last season. Atop the oval shaped donut dawns the edible Tiger-Cats leaping tiger logo, surrounded with black, yellow, and white sprinkles. Inside the pastry is the classic Boston cream filling that Ticat fans have grown to love.

If you’ve tried this donut before, chances are you won’t need any extra motivation to swing by the nearest Tim Horton’s after the next Tiger-Cats home game. For many Tiger-Cat fans, grabbing a Ticat donut after home games is quickly becoming a tradition.

If the Ticats win, you grab a Ticat donut to celebrate! If the Ticats lose, you grab a Ticat donut to make yourself feel better. And in the case of a draw, well, you grab the Ticat donut to help fill the void left from the unsettling feeling of a tie game.

The Ticat donut isn’t the first piece of CFL Food to come CFL fans way. When ‘Morreale Macaroni’ hit the streets of Hamilton in 1999, former Ticat receiver Mike Morreale helped raise $26,000 for the Hamilton Children’s Hospital. More recently, the Saskatchewan Roughriders cereal ‘Fantuz Flakes’ featured receiver Andy Fantuz. A year later, Roughrider receiver Weston Dressler appears on bags of ‘All-Dressler’ chips.

What do you think of the Ticat Donut?

If you have yet to indulge in this delicious piece of Tiger-Cats history. I recommend picking one up. What is your opinion on the Ticat donut?


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